World Boss

The World Boss is a team pvm event that occurs every 2 hours. Every 2 hours there will be global announcement about the boss spawning and where the location is, you will have to go to that location and enter the portal. Each World Boss has over 20 million health so you will want to race to find it and kill it because only the top 5 most damage will get a drop!

The World Boss will either drop the World Box or World Box Keys. Both of these are untradable but you are able to exchange boxes for keys and vice versa at a rate of 2:1. On top of these two drops, you also have the chance to get a scroll that will reward you the title The World Guardian.

World Boss Announcement

World Bosses
World Boss
Engraged Necromancer
Enraged Magegray
Enraged Chaos Elemental
Enraged Donkey Kong
Enraged Shadow King
Enraged Vorago
Enraged Crash Bandicoot
Mega World Bosses
Mega World Boss
Mega Enraged Vorago
Mega Enraged Helicopter
Mega Enraged Link
Mega Enraged Magegray
Mega Enraged Necromancer
Mega Enraged Chaos Elemental
City Portal Locations in City
Falador Falador World Boss
Varrock Varrock World Boss
Sawmill Sawmill World Boss
Al Kharid Al Kharid World Boss
Ardougne Ardougne World Boss
Camelot Seer's Village World Boss
Catherby Catherby World Boss
Port Sarim Port Sarim World Boss
Draynor Village Draynor World Boss
Wizard's Tower Wizards Tower World Boss
Yanille Yanille World Boss
Remmington Remmington World Boss
Dwarven Mine Dwarven Mine World Boss
Monastery Monastery World Boss
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