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The World Boss is a team pvm event that occurs every 6 hours. Every 6 hours there will be global announcement about the boss spawning and where the location is.

You can speak to the WorldBoss - NPC - Dreamscape.png World Boss Announcer at home.

Each World Boss has over 20 million health so you will want to race to find it and kill it because only the top 10 most damage will get a drop!

The World Boss will either drop the World Box or World Box Keys. Both of these are untradable but you are able to exchange boxes for keys and vice versa at a rate of 2:1. On top of these two drops, you also have the chance to get a scroll that will reward you with the title The World Guardian. If you are lucky enough the World Boss will also now drop the World's Globe Pet.

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World Bosses
Mega Enraged Vorago
Mega Enraged Helicopter
Mega Enraged Link
Mega Enraged Magegray
Mega Enraged Necromancer
Mega Enraged Chaos Elemental
City World Boss Location
Varrock World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Falador World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Barbarian Village
Barbarian Village World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Draynor Village
Draynor Village World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Catherby World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Al Kharid
Al Kharid World Boss - Map - Dreamscape.png
Frostbite Staff
Ak-47 Asiimov
M4A4 Asiimov
Sword of the Protectorate
Electronic Katana
Eternal Khione`s Staff
Infinity Gauntlet
Scoped Rifle (u)

every player that deals the minimum required damage to the world boss will be included in the static drop table. Players who were in the top 10 for damage will have a chance at an item from the unique drop table

Item Quantity Rarity
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 1 - 5 Common
World Key.png World Key 1 common
Super Mystery Box.png Super Mystery Box 1 common
Lottery Box.png Lottery Box 1 common
Kismet Box.png Kismet Box 1 common
Gold DS Coin.png Gold DS Coin 10-20 Very Rare
World Box.png World Box 1 Very Rare
Box of Wisdom.png Box of Wisdom 1 Very Rare
Golden Minigun.png Golden Minigun 1 Very Rare
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