Wilderness Shop

Use this shop to exchange your Mysterious Emblem into Wilderness points.

The shop is located at ::shops.

Sir Jerro

New wildy
Items PK Points
Bracelet of Ethereum 500
Gold DsCoin 6000
Golden Scratch Card 2000
Rare Scratch Card 2000
Gilded Plate Legs IGNORE
Dynamic Scratch Card 2000
Super Mystery Box 3000
Invictus Box 3000
Tactical Box 6000
Box of Wisdom 20000
Ring of Wealth (i) 1000
Ring of Morphing 4000
Avery's Ring 25000
Collector's Necklace 12000
Donator Ticket 9000
Scroll of Protection 20000
Scroll of Fire 20000
Ascensions Crossbow 300
Longclaw 20000
Sword of the Protectorate 25000
Minigun 15000
Glacier Staff 12000
Khione's Staff 25000
Revenant Ork Pet 20000
Revenant Dragon Pet 20000
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