Warfare Box

The Warfare_Box is one of our newest and most amazing boxes we have here on Dreamscape! Only just $8 at our Donate Shop, this new box has some never before seen rewards and an amazing chance to get full armour set you need 5 free space to open!

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered.*

Image Item Name Quantity Rarity
Wolverine Torva Set
Wolverine Torva 1 Common
Dragonbone Set (Mage) Stats
Dragonbone Mage Set 1 Common
Dragonbone Melee Set
Dragonbone Melee Set 1 Common
Torva (Normal)
Torva Set 1 Common
Pernix Set
Pernix Set 1 Common
Virtus Set
Virtus Set 1 Common
24K Torva Set
24k Torva Set 1 Common
Flame Pernix Set Stats
Flame Pernix Set 1 Common
Flame Torva Set Stats
Flame Torva Set 1 Common
Blue Torva Set Stats
Blue Torva Set 1 Uncommon
Wizzy Torva 1 Uncommon
Dragonbone U set
Dragonbone U Set 1 Uncommon
Elite Virtus Set
Elite Virtus Set 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Set Stats
Elite Pernix Set 1 Uncommon
Malevolent Stats
Malevolent Set 1 Uncommon
Inga Set
Inga Set 1 Rare
Hallucination Torva Set Stats
Hallucination Torva Set 1 Rare
Elite Torva Set Stats
Elite Torva Set 1 Rare
American Torva Set Stats
American Torva Set 1 Rare
American Pernix Set Stats
American Pernix Set 1 Rare
American Virtus Set
American Virtus Set 1 Rare
American Virtus Set (u)
American Virtus U Set  1 Legendary
Elemental Torva Set Stats
Elemental Torva Set 1 Legendary
Shadow Torva Set Stats
Shadow Torva Set 1 Legendary
Oblivion Set
Oblivion Set 1 Legendary
American Torva (u) Set Stats
American Torva (u) Set 1 Legendary
Emperor Set Stats
Emperor Set 1 Dream
Shadow Torva (u) Stats
Shadow Torva (u) Set 1 Dream
Chaos Armor Stats
Chaos Torva Set 1 Dream
Crystal Set
Crystal Set 1 Dream
Olaf Set Stats
Olaf Set 1 Dream
Devious Set Stats
Devious Set 1 Dream
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