For the timing being you do not recieve vote points, only vote books this will be changed soon!

You can receive vote points by typing ::vote In-Game and following the on-screen instructions.

You receive points upon claiming your vote in game.

This store is located at ::home.

Tormented votepoint store



Vote Point Shop
Items Cost
Callisto Egg 10 Points
Vet'ion Egg 20 Points
Scorpia Egg 35 Points
Venenatis Egg 45 Points
Thugbob Egg 50 Points
Pikachu Pokeball 75 Points
Tormented Demon Egg 100 Points
Bong 50 Points
Blood lust Godsword 10 Points
Uber Sword 45 Points
Flame Scimitar 55 Points
Hot Katana 65 Points