Necromancy Book, also known as the Vote Book. This can be only obtained by voting or buying from a player who has voted.

Voting STEPS:Necromancy Book

Step 1: Go to ::forums or type ::vote in game.

Step 2: Click on "Vote"

Step 3: Vote on ALL four (4) Server Links. (RuneLocus; TopG; RSPS List; moparscape).

Step 4: Once you've voted on all four (4) links, you can now click on the "Auths".

Step 5: Please type the following In-Game: ::auth [auth code] . You should have 3 different Auth Codes to type in.

Step 6: Congratulations! You have now claimed your vote ticket.

Step 7: You can now use the tickets in the Vote Store.

  • Whenever you vote now, you will receive 1m DS Coins per Vote you complete / Claim
  • When you have completed all 4 votes / Claims you will receive a Drop rate boost of 20% for 2 hours!
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