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Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Graduated
  • I am Male

    Hello and welcome to my profile page. I go by the name of Blueoptic and I am 1/3 main founders of the Dreamscape Wikia!

    Dreamscape 2015 Achievements:

    Wiki Founder Pip

    In the month of May 2015, the Dreamscape Wikia was created. The original founders consisted of FoxxDs, BenchDs, and Blueoptic. 

    Global Administrator
    On September 18th, 2015, I was promoted to Global Admin which was the furthest step I reached into the Staff Team. 

    Dreamscape 2017 Achievements:

    Wiki Founder Pip

    As a 2017 redemption, the Dreamscape wikia is once again under my management. This time with a much more vocal team, and precise scheduling. This I did resign from because of communication issues.

    I am once again a Server Support. Acknowledged and understood the positions requirements but weren't able to fulfill the time. Resigned from position.

    Things I add/fix overtime:

    • Homepage information/GFX
    • CSS

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