Ultra Mystery Box

The Ultra Mystery Box is the newest custom box as of the 5th of June 2018. You can obtain this box via the Store.

Ultra Mystery Box Spin

Ultra Mystery Box Reward List

Image Item Name Quantity Rarity
Royal Sicle
Royal Sicle 1 Common

Dual Haloswords
Dual Haloswords 1 Common

Abbysal Tentacle
Abbysal Tentacle 1 Common

Dragonbone Melee Helm (U)
Dragonbone Melee Helm (u) 1 Common

Dragonbone Melee Platebody (U)
Dragonbone Melee Platebody (u) 1 Common

Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (U)
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (u) 1 Common
Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle 1 Common

Chaotic Claws
Chaotic Claws 1 Common

Chest Key
Chest Key #1 1 Common

Drygore Offhand (u)
Drygore Offhand (u) 1 Common

Royal Sicle (u)
Royal Sicle (u) 1 Common

Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield 1 Common

Demonic Blue Wings
Demonic Blue Wings 1 Common

Blue Torva Helm
Blue Torva Helm 1 Common

Blue Torva Platebody
Blue Torva Platebody 1 Common

Blue Torva Platelegs
Blue Torva Platelegs 1 Common

Flame Torva Helm
Flame Torva Helm 1 Rare

Flame Torva Body
Flame Torva Body 1 Rare

Flame Torva Legs
Flame Torva Legs 1 Rare

Flame Gloves
Flame Gloves  1 Rare

Flame Pernix Cowl
Flame Pernix Cowl 1 Rare

Flame Pernix Body
Flame Pernix Body 1 Rare

Flame Pernix Chaps
Flame Pernix Chaps 1 Rare

Scoped Rifle (u)
Scoped Rifle (u) 1 Rare

Ice Katana
Ice Katana 1 Rare

Ice Offhand
Ice Offhand 1 Rare

Gold Chain
Gold Chain 1 Rare

Chest Key
Chest Key #1 1 Rare

White Glass Wings
White Glass Wings 1 Rare

Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket 1 Ultimate

Blue Death Cape
Blue Death Cape 1 Ultimate

Fallen Death Cape
Fallen Death Cape 1 Ultimate

Space Jam Sword
Space Jam Sword 1 Ultimate

Silver Space Sword
Silver Space Sword 1 Ultimate

Inga Helm
Inga Helm 1 Ultimate

Inga Body
Inga Body 1 Ultimate

Inga Legs
Inga Legs 1 Ultimate

Blue Deathcape
Blue Deathcape 1 Ultimate

Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket 1 Ultimate

American Torva Helm
American Torva Helm 1 Ultimate

American Torva Platebody
American Torva Platebody 1 Ultimate

American Torva Platelegs
American Torva Platelegs 1 Ultimate

American Pernix Cowl
American Pernix Cowl 1 Ultimate

American Pernix Body
American Pernix Body 1 Ultimate

American Pernix Chaps
American Pernix Chaps 1 Ultimate

Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box 1 Ultimate

Dynamic Mystery Box
Dynamic Mystery Box 1 Ultimate

Pet Mystery Box
Pet Mystery Box 1 Ultimate

Dream Wing Boots
Dream Wing Boots 1 Ultimate

Castiel Katana
Castiel Katana 1 Legendary

Ligthbringer Kiteshield
Lightbringer Kiteshield 1 Legendary

Saradomin Hammer
Saradomin Hammer 1 Legendary

Nax Amulet
Nax Amulet 1 Legendary

Tam Amulet
Tam Amulet 1 Legendary

Yix Amulet
Yix Amulet 1 Legendary

Reefer Spirit Shield
Reefer Spirit Shield 1 Legendary

Pokeball 1 Legendary

Static Gloves
Static Gloves 1 Legendary

Extreme Donator Ticket
Extreme Donator Ticket 1 Dream

Sky Santa Hat
Sky Santa Hat 1 Dream

Bow Of The Death
Bow of the Death 1 Dream

Avery's Ring
Avery's Ring 1 Dream

Inferno Spirit Shield
Inferno Spirit Shield 1 Dream

Icy sled1
Icy sled 1 Dream

Bow of life1
Bow of life 1 Dream

Inferno Party Hat
Inferno Partyhat 1 Dream

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