We are exited to introduce a brand new mini game exclusively for sponsors+!

The trinity mini-game is a chance for you to put your pvm skills into action, as you defend yourself from every side of the combat triangle!

With each boss using a different combat style (Magic, Melee, Range) you must measure your attacks and ensure to be using the counter style!

Furthermore! While at the trinity mini game you must remain within the red circle at all times in order to avoid massive damage!

Do you have what it takes to take on the Trinity Minigame?

If you do talk to the NPC in ownercape and get ready for a tribrid battle that offers insane rewards!

  • Skuld-Emperor Boss(Magic to damage)
  • Urd-Devious Boss(Melee to damage)
  • Verdani-Crystal Set Boss(Ranged to damage)

Trinity bosses

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