The Tactical Box
The Tactical Box was recently revamped! It now contains all the most powerful weaponry in game, making it a very worthwhile box to take a chance on. It also contains a few items which can only be found in this box!
Item Quantity Rarity
Abyssal Tentacle Abyssal Tentacle 1 Common
Ak-47 Ak-47 1 Common
Armadyl Crossbow Armadyl Crossbow 1 Common
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 1 Common
Brutal Whip Brutal Whip 1 Common
Chaotic Claws Chaotic Claws 1 Common
Drygore Offhand Drygore Offhand 1 Common
Drygore Offhand (u) Drygore Offhand (u) 1 Common
Duel Haloswords Duel Haloswords 1 Common
Glock Glock 1 Common
Royal Sicle Royal Sicle 1 Common
Royal Sicle (u) Royal Sicle (u) 1 Common
Zaryte Bow Zaryte Bow 1 Common
Ascension Crossbow Ascension Crossbow 1 Uncommon
Ascension Crossbow Offhand Ascension Crossbow Offhand 1 Uncommon
Golden Katana Golden Katana 1 Uncommon
Ice Katana Ice Katana 1 Uncommon
Inga Sword Inga Sword 1 Uncommon
Scoped rifle u Scoped rifle u 1 Uncommon
Oblivion Scythe Oblivion Scythe 1 Uncommon
Infinity Scythe Infinity Scythe 1 Uncommon
Frostbite Staff Frostbite Staff 1 Uncommon
Glacier Staff Glacier Staff 1 Uncommon
Cat claws Cat claws 1 Rare
Golden AK-47 Golden AK-47 1 Rare
Mp5 mp5 1 Rare
Silver spacejam Silver spacejam 1 Rare
Spacejam Sword Spacejam Sword 1 Rare
Ump ump 1 Rare
Usp usp 1 Rare
Longclaw Longclaw 1 Rare
Ultimate Dream Katana Ultimate Dream Katana 1 Rare
Portal gun Portal gun 1 Very Rare
PPSH-0 PPSH-0 1 Very Rare
Soulflare Soulflare 1 Very Rare
Ump silenced Ump silenced 1 Very Rare
Eternal Khione's Staff Eternal Khione's Staff 1 Very Rare
BFG9000 BFG9000 1 Very Rare
BFG9000 Offhand BFG9000 Offhand 1 Very Rare
Bazooka Bazooka 1 Dream
Darth maul lightsaber Darth maul lightsaber 1 Dream
Darth vader lightsaber Darth vader lightsaber 1 Dream
Mace windu lightsaber Mace windu lightsaber 1 Dream
M4A4 Asiimov M4A4 Asiimov 1 Dream
AWP Asiimov AWP Asiimov 1 Dream
AK47 Asiimov AK47 Asiimov 1 Dream
Demon Minigun Demon Minigun 1 Dream
Acidic Glaive Acidic Glaive 1 Dream
Oblivion Mace Oblivion Mace 1 Dream
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