Super Mystery Box
The Super Mystery box contains rares, ultimate rares, and even legendary items which are exclusive to boxes and cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Fun Fact: The Super Mystery Box was the first box added into the Dreamscape Webstore.

Obtainable from:

Image Item Name Rarity
Royal Sicle Common
Dragonbone Melee Platelegs (U) Equiped
Dragonbone Platelegs (u) Common
Dragonbone Melee Platebody (U) Equiped


Dragonbone Melee Helm (U) Equiped
'Dragonbone Full Helm(u) Common
Assault Rifle worn
Assault Rifle Common
Chest Key
Chest Key 1 Common
Inga Sword Equiped
Inga Sword Common
Brutal Whip2
Brutal Whip Common
Shasta brutal
Shasta Brutal Whip Common
Shadow brutal
Shadow Brutal Whip Common
Gold Brutal Whip (2)
Gold Brutal Whip Common
Elemental Whip (2)
Elemental Brutal Whip Common
Mystery Box
Mystery Box Common
Scoped Rifle (u) Equipped
Rifle Scope Rare
Ice Katana Equiped
Ice Katana Rare
Ice Offhand equiped
Ice Offhand Rare
Gold chain
Gold Chain Rare
White Glass Wings Equipped
White Glass Wings Rare
Elite Virtus Mask(2)
Elite Virtus Mask Rare
Elite Virtus Robe Top(2)
Elite Virtus Robe Top Rare
Elite Virtus Robe Bottoms(2)
Elite Virtus Robe Bottoms Rare
Elite Pernix Cowl(2)
Elite Pernix Cowl Rare
Elite Pernix Body(2)
Elite Pernix Body Rare
Elite Pernix Chaps(2)
Elite Pernix Chaps Rare
Golden Katana Rare
Mystery Box
Mystery Box Rare
Pikachu Pokeball
Pikachu Pokeball Rare
Magegray Pet Magegray Egg Rare
Space Jam Sword Ultimate
Silver Space Sword
Silver Space Sword Ultimate
Golden Ak 47 Equpied
Golden AK-47 Ultimate
American Torva
American Torva Ultimate
Blue Deathcape
Blue Death Cape Ultimate
Fallen Death Cape (2)
Fallen Death Cape Ultimate
Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket Ultimate
Piano Ultimate
American Virtus Set Equiped
American Virtus Ultimate
American Pernix
American Pernix Ultimate
Trix Helm
Trix Helmet Ultimate
Trix Platebody
Trix Platebody Ultimate
Trix Platelegs
Trix Platelegs Ultimate
Donator ticket
Donator Ticket Ultimate
Mystery Box
Mystery Box Ultimate
Legendary Party Hat
Legendary Party Hat Legendary
Legendary Top hat
Legendary Top Hat Legendary
Legendary Santa
Legendary Santa Legendary
Legendary Full helm
Legendary Full helm Legendary
Legendary Platebody
Legendary Platebody Legendary
Legendary Platelegs
Legendary Platelegs Legendary
Legendary whip
Legendary Whip Legendary
Legendary spirit shield
Legendary Spirit Shield Legendary
Legendary Boots
Legendary Boots Legendary
Legendary hammers
Legendary Dual Hammers Legendary
Legendary Wings
Legendary Wings Legendary
Legendary Death Cape
Legendary Death Cape Legendary
Legendary Battleaxe
Legendary Battle Axe Legendary
Legendary Katana Equipped
Legendary Katana Legendary
Legendary Kiteshield
Legendary Kite Shield Legendary
Red Boxing Gloves Eq
Red Boxing Gloves Legendary
Blue Boxing Gloves
Blue Boxing Gloves Legendary
Angelic Deathcape Equiped
Angelic Death Cape Legendary
Skull Pet Legendary
Sky Santa Hat
Sky Santa Hat Dream
Bow Of Death
Bow of Death Dream
Extreme Donator Ticket
Extreme Donator Ticket Dream
Aqua Spirit Shield Equiped
Aqua Spirit Shield Dream
American Boxing Gloves Equiped
American Boxing Gloves Dream
Castiel Katana (2)
Castiel Katana Dream
DS cape
DS Cape Dream
Money Bags
Money Bags Dream
Morphing Ring
Morphing Ring Dream
Berserker cape
Berserkers Cape Dream
Seers Cape
Seers Cape Dream
Archer Cape
Archers Cape Dream
Berserker Boots
Berserkers Boots Dream
Seers Boots
Seers Boots Dream
Archer Boots
Archers Boots Dream
Jason Mask
Jason Mask Dream
Jason Machete
Jason Machete Dream
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