Strykewyrm Minigame

Whats We've added a new Grand master mini game for the most advanced slayers on dreamscape!

To enter the Strykewyrm King's lair, speak to the Slayer Prestige Master

Prestige Master

The requirements to fight them are:

  • 135 slayer / slayer prestige level 3 / 138 combat
  • Fee's per instance: 100,000 dscoins for regular-extreme donator, 50,000 dscoins for sponsors, 10,000 dscoins for executive+.

Once in the lair you must fight all 3 strykewyrms at one and dodge their attacks



Possible Drops
Item Quantity Rarity
Strykewyrm Shards Strykewyrm Shards 50-100 Common
Strykewyrm Shards Strykewyrm Shards 100-250 Rare
Strykewyrm Shards Strykewyrm Shards 1,000 Very Rare
Random Piece of the Set Random Piece of the Set 1 Very Rare
Lava Strykewyrm Pet Lava Strykewyrm Pet 1 Very Rare

Strykewyrm Shop

  • Each piece in the Strykewyrm Shop is 5,000 Strykewyrm Shards
Strykewyrm shop

You can combine all the pieces for the Lava Strykewyrm Set

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