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The Owner position represents the entitlements of Dreamscape as a whole. This position is the highest in the staff team. An Owner typically maintains the well being and security of the community and the server. A secondary Owner can be recruited upon request.

Staff ,

The Staff Manager's responsibility is to orangize and maintain other staff members. A Staff Manager often evaluates the roles, responsibilities and feedback. A person in this position is very active and sees a much larger insight about Dreamscape's community. This person has a tremendous responsibility in recruiting and changing the well being of the staff team.


The Server Manager has the eyes of the community. A superior level of organization and leadership plays a role. Player suggestions, Donation Managing, Beta testing and the security of the community may be some of the typical ideals that this position entitles.


The Wiki Manager's responsibility is to organize and maintain the Wiki. Some of the Manager's roles include assigning wiki editor tasks and making sure that all editors are consistently contributing to the well being of the Wiki. The Wiki Manager also can recurit/demote without the Staff Manager's involvement.

Community ,

The Community Manager's responsibility is to assist with Donations and Events. This person evaluates the communities hapiness to a whole scale.

Donation Manager

The Donation Manager coordinates and specializes in maintaining the well being of player donations.

Media Manager

The Media Manager position has many duties including recruiting Youtubers and promoting Dreamscape content with the use of social platforms.


The Gambling Manager assists with enforcing gambling rules, recruiting trusted players, and sometimes even Donations.


The Developer position is specifically designated for the maintenance and updating of Dreamscape's server. Only highly experienced people can be chosen for this opportunity.


The Web Developer position is specifically designated for security and updating of Dreamscape's forums. Only highly experienced people can be chosen for this opportunity.

Global a

The Global Administrator position helps assist the Staff Manager and or Owner with the management of the staff team. Some of the Global Administrator responsibilities may include responding to support tickets (recoveries, customer support etc.)

Game a

The Ingame Administrator position assists with the responsibility of informing the community of changes to the server. Some of the Ingame Administrator responsibilities may include hosting events, maintaining management of donations, and access to beta testing.

Forum Administrator

The Forum Administrator is the leading manager of the forums. Forum Administrators assist with giving out player ranks and support related to the forums.


The Global Moderator position is earned by either previously being a Game Moderator or a Forums Moderator. This position is a combination of the two in which there are greater responsibilities.

Game mm

The Game Moderators are responsible for moderating players and are enforcers of the rules. They are players who've shown a greater amount of leadership than their previous role as Helper.


The Forum Moderators are responsible for moderating players, threads, posts and enforcing forum rules.


The Helper position is the starting staff position for ingame. Helpers assist with extensive knowledge of Dreamscape including prices, locations, techniques etc. They're usually found within the help clan chat.

Rank Role Username
Owner Chuck
Co Owner Cj

Rank Role Username
Game Developer Alex
Game Developer Grant
Game Developer Drax

Rank Role Username
Staff Manger
Staff Manager N/A
Server Manager Lt Limes
Community M
Community Manager Nala
Media mang
Media Manager N/A
Donation Manager N/A
Gambling m
Gambling Manager N/A
Wiki manager Wiki Manager Peripheral
News Team News Team Manager Australia

Rank Role Username
Global Administrator
Global Administrator Vaider
Global Administrator
Global Administrator Australia
Global Administrator
Development Administrator Adams
Global Administrator
Development Administrator Javier
In-Game Administrator Jason
In-Game Administrator Mr Irish
Events Administrator Nala
Events Administrator Genemree
Forum Administrator N/A

Rank Role Username
Global Mod Global Moderator N/A
Ingame Moderator Willy
Ingame Moderator N/A
Forum Moderator Peripheral

Rank Role Username
Helper Lewis99300
Helper 1atte
Helper N/A

Rank Role Wiki Name
Wiki manager Wiki Founder FoxxDS
Wiki manager Wiki Founder Blueoptic
Wiki manager Wiki Founder BenchDS
Wiki manager Wiki Manager Peripheral Vision
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Regislux
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Jladams
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Iron_Jessica
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Wiki Willy DS
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Splitrunner
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Quiettboy
Wiki Editor Pip Editor Iron_Heph

Rank Role Ingame Name
Legacy Host Legacy Host td dibbs

Rank Role Ingame Name
TrustedHost pip Trusted Dicer Td Joez
TrustedHost pip Trusted Dicer N/A

Rank Role Youtube Name
Youtuber Pip Youtuber Dreamscape317 RSPS
Youtuber Pip Youtuber Didyscape
Youtuber Pip Youtuber N/A

Rank Role Forums Name
News Team News Team Founder Squishy
News Team News Team Founder Bench press
News Team Manager & Chief Editor Vaider
News Team Manager & Chief Editor Sperm Dibber
News Team Chief Editor Sambjj
News Team Director Javier
News Team Editor Otisrs
News Team Editor Hc Meh
News Team Grammar Editor N/A

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