Alchemical Hydra

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Combat Level Unknown
Hitpoints 6,000,000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive No
Attack Style Range/MAge
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 6
Max Hit 26 + 26
Weakness None
Always Drops DSCoins
Examine It's an Alchemical Hydra
Alchemical Hydra

Alchemical Hydra is an End Game Boss with 6,000,000 Hitpoints. It was released on June 17, 2020

Damged Cap

Hydra's Room is actually instanced! you will never have to worry about people snatching your kill!

Note, Alchemical Hydra is capped at 30,000 Damage this is to protect the content from being abused by killing it in 7seconds. with the damage cap, players with the best gears 1minute 15seconds to 2minutes

How to get there
To get to Alchemical Hydra use the Boss Teleport interface.
Recommended Gear Setup
This Boss has suggested gear set-ups. Click to view.
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Possible Drops
Item Quantity Rarity
Hydra Bone Hydra Bone 1 – 5,000 Always
DSCoin DSCoin 100k–200k 1-100
Dynamic Box Dynamic Box 1 1-100
Eternal Crystal Helmet Eternal Crystal Helmet 1 1-100
File:Eternal Crystal Body.png Eternal Crystal Body 1 1-100
File:Eternal Crystal Legs.png Eternal Crystal Legs 1 1-100
Sword of the Protectorate Sword of the Protectorate 1 1-100
Lottery Box Lottery Box 2 1-200
Box of Wisdom Box of Wisdom 1 1-200
File:Avery’s Ring.png Avery’s Ring 1 1-200
File:Emperor’s Set.png Emperor’s Set 1 1-200
Devious Set Devious Set 1 1-200
File:Hydra’s Eye.png Hydra’s Eye 1 1-200
File:Hydra’s Fang.png Hydra’s Fang 1 1-200
File:Hydra’s Heart.png Hydra’s Heart 1 1-200
File:Dream Melee Helmet.png Dream Melee Helmet 1 1-500
File:Dream Melee Body.png Dream Melee Body 1 1-500
File:Dream Melee Legs.png Dream Melee Legs 1 1-500
Dream Range Helm Dream Range Helm 1 1-500
File:Dream Range Body.png Dream Range Body 1 1-500
File:Dream Range Legs.png Dream Range Legs 1 1-500
Hydra's Claw Hydra's Claw 1 1-2500
Ikkle Hydra Ikkle Hydra 1 1-3000
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