Combat Level 22,000
Hitpoints 1,000,000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Unknown (edit)
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness None
Always Drops Random drop
Examine It's a Shredder

Shredder is a level 22,000 Boss with 1,000,000 Hitpoints. You are able to attack Shredder with Melee, Magic, or Ranged. You do not have any limits, unlike some other raid bosses.

Shredder, and indeed the entire Ninja Turtles Raid, is completely different to all other raids in terms of mechanics. It is a multi-boss raid, with a variety of special mechanics.

Special Mechanics

You can use any attack style killing Shredder.

Shredder's first mechanic is that he can turn all the food in your inventory into rotten food. This means that there's no real way to use food in the Ninja Turtles Raid.

Shredder's second, and perhaps most important mechanic, is that at half-health he will re-spawn all of the turtles in the raid. When this happens you must stop attacking Shredder! Any damage done before all the turtles are killed again will only serve to heal Shredder. It is recommended that you switch to single-target damage to kill the turtles this time around to avoid healing Shredder with the AoE from your attacks.

Recommended Gear Setup
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Upon killing Shredder, the Ninja Turtles Raid is over. The top three damage dealers will receive a reward, as in all other raids. As with all raids, Shredder does not drop any souls as part of the soul system.

How to get there
To get to the Ninja Turtles Raid, type ::joinraid6

Possible Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Royal Sicle.png Royal Sicle 1 Common
Glock.png Glock 1 Common
Blue Torva Helm.png Blue Torva Helm 1 Common
Blue Torva Platebody.png Blue Torva Platebody 1 Common
Rainbow Kiteshield.png Rainbow Kiteshield 1 Common
Mystery Box.png Mystery Box 1-5 Common
Duel Haloswords.png Duel Haloswords 1 Common
Rainbow Cape.png Rainbow Cape 1 Common
Magic Logs.png Magic Logs 50 Common
Uncut Onyx.png Uncut Onyx 50 Common
Dream Bones.png Dream Bones 10 Common
Lamp.png Lamp 5 Common
Elite Virtus Mask.png Elite Virtus Mask 1 Common
Elite Virtus Platebody.png Elite Virtus Platebody 1 Common
Elite Virtus Legs.png Elite Virtus Legs 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Gloves.png Dragonbone Mage Gloves 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Boots.png Dragonbone Mage Boots 1 Common
Box of Wisdom.png Box of Wisdom 1 Common
Elite Pernix Cowl.png Elite Pernix Cowl 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Body.png Elite Pernix Body 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Chaps.png Elite Pernix Chaps 1 Uncommon
Chest Key.png Chest Key 2 Uncommon
Lamp.png Lamp 15 Uncommon
USP.png USP 1 Uncommon
Magic logs.png Magic logs 150 Uncommon
Uncut Onyx.png Uncut Onyx 150 Uncommon
Dream Bones.png Dream Bones 25 Uncommon
Flame Gloves.png Flame Gloves 1 Uncommon
Ice Offhand.png Ice Offhand 1 Uncommon
White Glass Wings.png White Glass Wings 1 Uncommon
Blue Deathcape.png Blue Deathcape 1 Rare
Golden Offhand.png Golden Offhand 1 Rare
American Pernix Cowl.png American Pernix Cowl 1 Rare
American Pernix Body.png American Pernix Body 1 Rare
American Pernix Chaps.png American Pernix Chaps 1 Rare
Acidic H'ween Mask.png Acidic H'ween Mask 1 Very Rare
Lava H'ween Mask.png Lava H'ween Mask 1 Very Rare
Inferno H'ween Mask.png Inferno H'ween Mask 1 Very Rare
Camo Spirit Shield.png Camo Spirit Shield 1 Very Rare
Acidic Spirit Shield.png Acidic Spirit Shield 1 Very Rare
Purple Mist Spirit Shield.png Purple Mist Spirit Shield 1 Very Rare
Space Virtus Helm.png Space Virtus Helm 1 Very Rare
Space Virtus Body.png Space Virtus Body 1 Very Rare
Space Virtus Legs.png Space Virtus Legs 1 Very Rare
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