Dreamscape Shops

Shops are great for receiving items that players don't normally have to sell. These shops include special items, starting items and skilling items.

Alternatively, you can use ::market to sell items to other players around Dreamscape.

  • Achievement Point ShopGo to Achievement Point Shop
  • Aubury the Runecrafting Master.Go to Aubury
  • The Black MarketGo to The Black Market
  • Candi's ArmourGo to Candi's Armour
  • Castle Wars ShopGo to Castle Wars Shop
  • Charlie the CookGo to Charlie the Cook
  • The CrafterGo to The Crafter
  • Dommik the Summoning Scroll ShopGo to Dommik
  • Dr Harlow the Super Donator Shop DealerGo to Dr Harlow
  • The Dreamscape Point ShopGo to The Dreamscape Point Shop
  • Dye Trader Shop= Trader

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