Scavenger Skill Guide


Action Exp Gained
Open mystery boxes 100
Open donation boxes 10,000
Use crystal key 100
Open birds nests 500
Open eagles nests 500
Combine souls 500 EXP per 200 Souls
Use soul room keys 500
Use raids key 1000
Use Slayer Key 250 Normal -dream 5000
Combine fallen star wishes 2500 per 20 wishes combined
Clue scrolls Easy-Dream 500,1000,1500,2500
Gain skilling pet 10,000
Get announced drop 10,000
Get announced drop from soul's chest 10,000
Get announced drop from the donation box 25,000
Vote book announced the drop 10,000
Open Vote books 1000
Open world box 2500
Combining key fragments 1000
Combining armor pieces 100,000(Dream mage etc)
Upgrade chest success Easy-Dream 1000,2500,5000,10000
Upgrade unsuccessful Easy-Dream 100,500,1000,2500
Use code keys 1000
Play BattleGrounds 1000 per game
Win BattleGround 2500 per win
Arcade The same exp as tokens rate per waves completed
leveling skills 99,120,150- 1000xp,2500,5000

If XP rates are different then as show PM any editor to get it fixed