Combat Level 4518
Hitpoints 75,000 x2
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 5
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Melee/Magic
Always Drops See drop table
Examine It´s a Raiden

Raiden is a level 4518 Boss with 75.000 Hitpoints x2. It was released on April 06, 2018

Raiden is Dreamscape's Hardest Raid boss to date! boasting 2 forms to defeat!.

Only magic and melee attacks works at raiden.

Recommended Gear Setup
This Boss has suggested gear set-ups. Click to view.
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Upon killing Raiden you will need to be part of the top 3 damage hitters to get an equal chance of receiving loot from the drop table.

How to get there
To get to Raiden use the command ::raiden or ::joinraid
Item Quantity Rarity
Crystal Key Crystal Key 10 Common
Phoenix Bones Phoenix Bones 25 Common
Lamp Lamp 5 Common
Virtus Mask Virtus Mask 1 Common
Virtus Robe Top Virtus Robe Top 1 Common
Virtus Robe Legs Virtus Robe Legs 1 Common
Inga Sword Inga Sword 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Hat Dragonbone Mage Hat 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Top Dragonbone Mage Top 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Bottoms Dragonbone Mage Bottoms 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Gloves Dragonbone Mage Gloves 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Boots Dragonbone Mage Boots 1 Common
Orb of Energy Orb of Energy 1–5 Uncommon
Elite Virtus Mask Elite Virtus Mask 1 Uncommon
Elite Virtus Top Elite Virtus Top 1 Uncommon
Elite Virtus Legs Elite Virtus Legs 1 Uncommon
DSCoin DSCoin 1–2,000 Uncommon
Lamp Lamp 15 Uncommon
Phoenix Bones Phoenix Bones 50 Uncommon
Blood Spirit Shield Blood Spirit Shield 1 Uncommon
White Glass Wings White Glass Wings 1 Uncommon
Orb of Energy Orb of Energy 10–50 Uncommon
American Virtus Mask American Virtus Mask 1 Rare
American Virtus Robe Top American Virtus Robe Top 1 Rare
American Virtus Robe Legs American Virtus Robe Legs 1 Rare
Inga Helm Inga Helm 1 Rare
Inga Platebody Inga Platebody 1 Rare
Inga Legs Inga Legs 1 Rare
Orb of Energy Orb of Energy 250–500 Rare
Nax Amulet Nax Amulet 1 1-3000
Yix Amulet Yix Amulet 1 1-3000
Tam Amulet Tam Amulet 1 1-3000
Frostbite Staff Frostbite Staff 1 Very Rare
Orb of Energy Orb of Energy 500–1,000 Very Rare
Obsidian Virtus Mask Obsidian Virtus Mask 1 1 - 5000
Obsidian Virtus Top Obsidian Virtus Top 1 1 - 5000
Obsidian Virtus Bottom Obsidian Virtus Bottom 1 1 - 5000
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