Quantum Boots
Quantum Boots are the best boots in game. They are a combination of all three Olaf boots. They have massive bonuses across the board, having bonuses in every single category. They are a great goal for players to aim for, as they will never not be useful during your time on DreamScape.

How are the Quantum Boots obtained?

To obtain the Quantum Boots, you have to combine the Berserker Boots, Seers Boots and Archer Boots. These three boots are obtained from the Olaf boss. This process is irreversible and the quantum boots are untradeable once made.

Can be obtained from the following boxes

Combat Stats
Class Slot
CombatSwords Boots slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +200 +500
Slash +200 +500
Crush +200 +500
Magic +200 +500
Range +200 +500
Special bonuses
Melee +250
Ranged +500
Magic +5%
Prayer +1000
Quantum Boots Equipped
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