What are Progression Zones?

Progression zones allow you to kill monsters that you would normally kill, however, now you get to kill them with a better chance of getting great items. (The items that are dropped are located by viewing the links in the chart under the Finishing Up section below, or you may look in-game by going to Squeel of Fortune tab -> Drops -> Search a NPC.)

You must finish the zones from top to bottom to unlock the next zone. Example: Complete the kill count requirements of the Icy Skeletons in Icy Zone to move onto the Shadow Kings in the Shadow Zone

Once you successfully complete all 10 monster zones, you get 100 Gold DS Coins!

If you kill these monsters outside of the zones, your required kill count will not add up. The zones become locked once you finish each consecutive one.

Getting There

To get started with your Progression Zones, teleport home by typing in-game "::home" and speak to the Zone Manager located on the south wall, outside of the bank. Click "Teleport me to a zone" and he will bring up the list of zones. Click the first zone "Icey Zone" and then click "Teleport to Zone" under the monster preview.


Zone Manager

Getting Started 


An inside look at the first zone : Icey Zone

Click any of the 16 available monsters in the zone to achieve the required amount of kills. The required amount of kills is shown in the Finishing Up Section below.. Also, there will be a small box above the chat in-game, displaying: zone, current kill count, and required kill count. Logging out, leaving, or dying in the zone does not reset the kill count, and you will not lose items.


Zone, kill count, and required kills box

You will now be teleported automatically home. Speak to the Zone Manager again for the next zone.


Second zone : Shadow Zone

 If you are having trouble killing the monsters, click the links in the chart below and the pages will show you recommended gear setups.

Finishing Up

Follow this process to the end of the monsters, and you will be rewarded with 100 Gold DS Coins.

Monster Kill Count Requirement (Needs Review & Update)
Zones Kill Count Requirement
1 Icy Skeleton 300
2 Shadow King 350
3 Chaos elemental 400
4 Magegray 450
5 Necromancer 500
6 Olaf 550
7 Guardian of Am'orth 600
8 Undead Lancelot 700
9 Riley Raid 800
10 Hades 1000

Remember when clicking the Monster links mentioned above that those have harder drop rates than the ones in the zones.

All Monster Progression Zone drop rates are 1 in 250.

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