Prestige Point Shop

Prestiging was introduced into the game to give advantages to die hard skillers.

Requirements upon successful Prestige:

All skills leveled to 99. (Construction, Slayer, Agility, Gambling and Scavenger not included).

- No items worn.

  • Type ::prestige after requirements are met. (make sure combat skills are not buffed or drained)

Upon Prestiging, you will receive: 

Normal Players - 5 prestige points.

Harcore Players - 8 prestige points.

Ironman Players - 8 prestige points.

Prestige shop
Prestige Point Shop
Prest Shop
Items Cost
Torva full helm 2 Points
Torva platebody 2 Points
Torva platelegs 2 Points
Pernix cowl 2 Points
Pernix body 2 Points
Pernix chaps 2 Points
Virtus mask 2 Points
Virtus robe top 2 Points
Virtus robe legs 2 Points
Iron partyhat 10 Points
Black partyhat 10 Points
Steel partyhat 10 Points
Mithril partyhat 10 Points
Bronze partyhat 10 Points
Rune partyhat 10 Points
Dragon partyhat 15 Points
Barrows partyhat 15 Points
Lime partyhat 15 Points
Lava partyhat 15 Points
Adamant partyhat 10 Points
Rainbow partyhat 30 Points
American partyhat 30 Points
Diamond partyhat 30 Points
Diamond cape 30 Points
Pink partyhat 40 Points
Angelic deathcape 40 Points
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