The Platinum Partnership is the highest donation status available within Dreamscape.

Donator Rank Cost
Platinum Cape
Platinum Cape ($5,000 total in donations)
Platinum Benefit: Exclusive Trip (IRL) Platinum Benefit: VIP access to staff/future updates Platinum Benefit: Damage Boost Platinum Benefit: Donation Discounts Platinum Benefit: Monthly Platinum Boxes Platinum Benefit: Platinum Partnership Gear Platinum Benefit: Your Statue
Optional opportunity to meet the staff team and other Platinum members in real life. VIP access in group voice chats with Chuck and other staff. 50% Tribrid 10% Discount on all donations for 1 year. 12x Platinum Loot boxes monthly. Free Platinum Partnership Gear. A statue ingame created of your character.
Platinum Benefit: Elo Boost Platinum Benefit: Slayer Boost Platinum Benefit: Arcade Boost Platinum Benefit: Grand Lottery Boost
2x faster Elo (2%) 2x Slayer points. 3x Arcade points. 2x Grand Lottery points for donating.

The Platinum Zone includes only the best of the best for our partners. In this zone you will find the best PVM Monsters available along with Platinum Dragon as well as having access to all minigames and raids from one central location.

When teleporting to the Platinum Zone you will be greeted by the npc's around you

Platzone Center

To the South you will find the best PVM monsters to farm for drops. When combining this area with the Thumper you are destined to get all of the drops.

Platzone South

To the East you will find 4 Corporeal Beast's to kill along with the Instance Manager.

Platzone East

To the North-East you will find all of the Dreamscape shops located in one place along with Arcade Machines.

Platzone Northeast

To the North you will find the Platinum Dragon and Hades. These Bosses reward you with 50 Platinum Tokens per kill along with a chance at a drop of the Platinum Dragon Pet and other platinum armor pieces.

Hades and Platinum Dragon

To the North-West you will find 4 Vorago's and 1 Diglet.

Platzone Northwest

To the West you will find the Platinum Raid portal as well as the Platinum Zone shop.

Platzone West

The Platinum Zone has all the point shops in Dreamscape so that you never have to search.

Platinum Shop
Platinum Shop Keeper
Platinum Shop Keeper (Located West)

Upon receiving Platinum, you are rewarded with 1 type of armour set for free of your choice! Choose wisely.

Platinum Melee Set

Platinum Melee Set

Platinum Magic Set

Platinum Magic Set

Platinum Range Set

Platinum Range Set

Platinum Partners have the abilitiy to have their own instanced Raids where they are able to use their 1-hit items.

The Raids included are:

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