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Combat Level 124
Hitpoints 5500
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Range
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 6
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Melee
Always Drops Phoenix Bones
Examine It's a Phoenix.
The "Phoenix" is a non-aggressive boss in Dreamscape. It is one of the more popular bosses due to its ultra-rare drop - the phoenix eggling, which provides 10% extra drop rate.
At Phoenix, there is no doubt you want at least a "Fast-Hitting" weapon. There are four monsters that you have to kill. The three minions, and the actual PhoenixPhoenix is not really hard to kill. It just has a lot of HP. So be prepared to stay there a while if you do not have a "Fast-Hittingweapon. Also, it is highly recommended that you pray "Soulsplit" (Level 92 required) and "Turmoil" (Level 95 required).
Since the Phoenix is a boss, it is included in the Soul System, converting all common and uncommon drops into souls. The Phoenix, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments 
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Phoenix Bones Phoenix Bones 1 Always
Lava Whip Lava Whip 1 Uncommon
Infinity Key Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Gold Chain Gold Chain 1 Rare
Staff of Lava Staff of Lava 1 Rare
Lava Party Hat Lava Party Hat 1 Rare
Lava Spirit Shield Lava Spirit Shield 1 1-1500
Phoenix Whip Phoenix Whip 1 1-1500
Phoenix eggling Phoenix eggling 1 1-1500
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