Pet Mystery Box
Pet Mystery Box-0

The Pet Mystery Box is one of DreamScape's newest mystery boxes. This box rewards players with a random pet from the list below!

*List will be updated as soon as more pets are revealed!*

Image Pet Name Quantity Rarity
Callisto Egg
Callisto Egg 1 Common
Pikachu Pokeball
Pikachu Pokeball 1 Common
Thugbob Egg
Thugbob Egg 1 Common
Vet'ion Egg
Vet'ion Egg 1 Common
Scorpia Egg
Scorpia Egg 1 Common
Venenatis Egg
Venenatis egg 1 Common
Tormented Demon Jr
Tormented Demon Jr 1 Common
Mining pet
Minecart Pet 1 Common
Heron pet
Heron Pet 1 Common
Fletiching pet
Fletching Pet 1 Common
Firemaking Pet
Firemaking Pet 1 Common
Baby Chinchompa 1 Common
Rocky Pet 1 Common
Skull Pet 1 Common
Giant Squirrel 1 Common
Beaver pet
Beaver Pet 1 Common
Magegray Pet
Magegray Pet 1 Rare
Camel pet
Camel Pet 1 Rare
Groudon Pet 1 Rare
Knuckles Pet 1 Rare
Space invaderpet
Space Invader jr Pet 1 Rare
Arcade Pacman outlined
Pacman jr pet 1 Rare
Arcade Crash Bandicoot2 outlined
Crash Bandicoot jr pet 1 Rare
Phoenix egg
Phoenix Egg 1 Very Rare
Party Pie
Party Pie 1 Very Rare
Barrows Box
Barrows Box 1 Very Rare
Bandos Pet
Bandos Pet 1 Very Rare
Slimer Pet 1 Very Rare
Chaos Elemental Pet 1 Very Rare
Shadow King
Shadow King Pet 1 Very Rare
Necromancer Jr Pet
Necromancer Jr 1 Very Rare
Eagles Pet
Eagle Pet 1 Very Rare
Corporeal Beast Pet
Corporeal Beast Pet 1 Very Rare
Revenat Ork
Revenant Ork 1 Very Rare
Revenat Dragon
Revenant Dragon 1 Very Rare
Kangaroo Pet
Kangaroo Pet 1 Dream
Rick Pet
Rick Pet 1 Dream
Morty Pet
Morty Pet 1 Dream
Vorago JR Pet
Vorago Jr 1 Dream
Diablo JR Pet
Diablo Jr 1 Dream
Lep pet
Leprechaun Pet 1 Dream


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