Pestilent Bloat
Pestilent Bloat2

The Pestilent Bloat is the second encounter in the new Theatre of Blood raid in dreamscape. It was created by a crazy vampyre known as "The Butcher" upon Verzik Vitur's request.


The bloat (10,000,000 HP) will walk around its room in a square as soon as the party enters the room. If any player is within its line of sight, the Bloat's flies will attack them, causing players to take rapid hits of 10-20 every tick until they are out of the Bloat's line of sight. This will spread to other players in the raid also and can therefore kill a party very quickly.

After seven or fourteen cycles of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, it will stop moving, allowing players to attack it. After a few seconds, it will stomp the surrounding area, dealing large amounts of damage. If a player is hit by a mutilated flesh, it will deal 30-50 damage and stun them temporarily. Falling flesh can be evaded beforehand by looking for their shadow on the floor.

The bloat will also change direction randomly throughout the fight. Along with this, it will also change the speed at which it is walking. It has 3 different speeds of walking.

(He usually tends to walk around the center twice before he turns around and walks 1-2 lanes before stopping)

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