1 hit kill
The Ownercape is the second best cape in-game, known for its insane stats and ability to 1-hit almost all NPC's in DreamScape. This cape costs $275 and is untradable. Upon purchasing the cape, you will be awarded with the Sponsor rank as well. The cape can also be obtained from Ownercape Goodieboxes and The Scavenger Shop, but does not award you with the Sponsor rank.

Upon purchasing an Ownercape, you will receive a 5% luck boost to your account and the Sponsor rank ingame and on our forums. You aswell will receive a forum userbar called Sponsor.

While wearing the Ownercape you are granted with insane stats to 1-hit almost any NPC.

Owner Cape Stats

By being a Sponsor you are entitled to unique zones such as ::sponsorzone. You may also access an exclusive zone via the Ownercape. At these locations you will have the option to fight an assortment of Bosses and gain Sponsor points, train Skills and do other things that normal Donators won't be able to otherwise do.

As a cosmetic feature, you also have custom commands:

Oc fall


Oc god


Oc dab


Oc drive


Sponsor point shop 2
Sponsor point shop

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