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This page is a compilation of only the few most popular ways of making money. Of course, whether it be merching or something else entirely, there are plenty of ways to make money which haven't been listed.

Get creative, and forge your own path!

While Dreamscape endorses the uniqueness of its custom entities, the players who choose to participate in a completely free and endless money grab can enter into a relaxing idle. The AFK Island money making method is considered to grab the attention of all player types and is very popular in meeting those needs.

Enemy Image Difficulty Guide/Info
Absolute beginner Penguins are the first enemy that most players will face. They can be fought with any weapon and any style, but the player should upgrade to an AoE (area of effect) weapon as soon as possible. Some low-end AoE weapons include the Frostbite Staff and the Oblivion Scythe.

The main reasons to fight penguins are the Infinity Keys, the Xebos Invitations, and the Clue Scrolls. It is generally recommended that the player drops all clues (to drop a clue, you must read it first) except for the Dream Difficulty clues. These clues have some incredibly valuable rewards.

Any items you need to complete the Clue Scrolls can be purchased from Surok Magis in the shops building north of DreamScape's home.

Enemy Image Difficulty Guide/Info
Invictus Warriors
Invictus Warrior
Intermediate Invictus Warriors are a somewhat popular money making method, although the prices of their drops are quite volatile. To kill the Invictus Warriors, you need one of the three invictus weapons: the Invictus Sword, the Invictus Staff, and the Invictus Crossbow.

The important drops from Invictus Warriors are the three pieces of the Inga Set: the Inga Helm, the Inga Platebody, and the Inga Legs. Like all bosses and monsters, the Invictus Warriors can also drop Infinity Keys, Xebos Invitations, and Clue Scrolls.

Slayer Master
Easy up to Hard Slayer is a classic in RSPS'. DreamScape is no exception, hosting some very unique slayer mechanics which can make it very profitable to train, in the long run.

It is highly recommended that you use the Skull Pet while training slayer, as it doubles all slayer points gained.

Not only can you obtain loot from the bosses you are assigned to kill, but as you prestiege your slayer skill, you will unlock shops containing some very lucrative rewards.

Enemy Image Difficulty Guide/Info
Hard Revenant killing is one of the most popular money makers in game. The emblems they drop can be exchanged for wilderness points to be spent at the Wilderness Shop.

Although it is in the wilderness, you will not lose items in the revenant cave. The player should not attempt to combat revenants until they first have an AoE weapon. In order to completely avoid all damage taken from the revenants, a Bracelet of Ethereum should be worn.

There are three primary spots to kill revenants: one north, one south, and one central spot. If it is open, the player should target the central spot. Simply kill the revenants around you and pick up the emblems they drop. While the emblems go up to Tier 10, the player should stop at tier 3, as this results in the most efficient points per hour.

What the player buys from the shop is up to them. The most popular item currently is the Tactical Box.

The Arcade Minigame
Arcade Machine
Hard up to Extremely Hard The Arcade is an extremely popular PvM minigame which is very rewarding. It operates in a similar manner to the fight caves of Runescape, offer tougher and tougher waves of enemies as the minigame goes on.

The player should not bother attempting to take on the arcade until they have a reasonably advanced set of gear in one of the combat styles along with an AoE weapon. If the player wishes to complete the arcade, which is the most rewarding method financially while also giving the Infernal Cape, they should have multiple healing items and a good understanding of PvM in DreamScape.

Full guides for the Arcade can be found on the DreamScape forums so this page will only provide a few tips:

  • Stack up as many enemies as possible and use the soulsplit prayer on them with an AoE weapon.
  • Move every 45 seconds to avoid taking rapid poison damage.
  • Focus on the strongest enemy in a given wave, and let your area of effect weapon do the work on the rest of the enemies.
  • If you cannot beat the arcade, the fastest reward tokens per hour is achieved by stopping at wave 30. you can exit the minigame using the portal at the south end of the arena.

The fastest way to build a large bank is obviously by gambling. It is one of the most popular methods to gain wealth amongst other players in Dreamscape; however, gambling can come at a cost. The 3 most common ways to gamble are by gambling other players at ::dicezone, using the (grand) Lottery System, and trying your luck with Donation Boxes.

Gambling Lottery Donation Boxes Item Lottery
Dicing Dreamscape Lottery Miscellaneous Item Lottery

Gambling methods popular at the dice zone include flower poker, dice dueling, and blackjack. If you want to gamble, make sure you read up on the rules on the DreamScape forums!!

Donating towards DreamScape has many great beneficial rewards that can help a player make money fast. People make money in two different ways by donating:

  • Selling donations. Players who don't or can't donate their own money are often willing to pay in game cash to have others donate under their name. THIS IS NOT RWT, AND IT IS SANCTIONED BY THE SERVER. Selling donations is a really great way to get started in DreamScape, as people will often pay upwards of 10m+ per dollar while deals (::Deals) are running! Cap for a $30 Donation is 300M. However anything above will be Seller's choice. Make sure to use staff as middlemen if choosing to sell donations. Not doing so can result in punishment!

  • The second method, is simply by donating themselves. There are a ton of great items which the player can purchase from the DreamScape Web Store, including untradeable items such as the Owner Cape which are difficult to obtain by any other means but give the player a huge advantage!

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