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PVMing is the most popular source of gaining wealth in Dreamscape. It is the easiest, and safest way to be rewarded. This section is based on the best PVMing money methods, so if you are new, head here to Train Teleport to learn the basics.



Icy skeleton


Shadow King-0




100B - 5T Drops 10T - 100T Drops 450T - 4Q Drops 1Q - 16Q Drops

Daily rewards are only recommended to players who can be successful in a previous tier. If you're fighting Shadow Kings, and you are a beginner player, there is a higher chance you'll not be able to defeat that Boss nor get any drops in the amount of time/kills it could normally take for players who are recommended to fight at that location.

However, obtaining a rare reward is luck and can happen to any player, gamemode, level, and or experience.

The fastest way to double up your bank is by gambling. It is one of the most popular methods to gain wealth amongst other players in Dreamscape. However, gambling can come at a cost. The 4 best methods to gamble are using the Gambling zone, the Market, the Lottery System and trying your luck with Donation Boxes.

Gambling Market Lottery Donation Boxes
Dicing Market Dreamscape Lottery Miscellaneous

The first gambling approach to the Market is to buy/sell items that are constantly being bought/sold. Look to buy items when the value of that item is as low as you can get it to be. That may include waiting extensive periods of time.

The second gambling approach to the Market is to flip/merch items. Alike the first method, waiting may be a profitable revenue if done correctly. The purpose of merching/flipping items is to buy items cheaper than its value and attempt to sell for a much larger price. Merching in Dreamscape has been a very successful method to many players, which has made them so rich. CommoniItems that can be used to flip/merch are: Soulflare's, Collector's Necklace's, Chaos Elemental Jr (pet)'s, Minigun's, Golden Minigun's, Emperor Set's and rares.

The chance of you winning a Lottery in Dreamscape against 150 other players is slim. The Lottery system is one way to make money.

Donating towards Dreamscape has many great beneficial rewards that can help a player make money fast. Donations can vary from $1-$1000, which could be the equivalent of 1T - 200Q.

Most players who donate, are buying an item for themselves to use in order for them to make more out of their earnings. Such as the Ring of Wealth (i), Golden Minigun, or even an Owner Cape. Most donations come with a really good benefit to the player.

Alternatively, donating for the use of selling a donation to a player for Dreamscape money (Not Real World Trading) is a common source for exchanging wealth. An average custom donation could cost you up to $200, and serve a value of 10Q. Hence, people donate for trills, and quads not the item.

Donating can be costly for the person, but can also vantage exactly what you want anytime you want it.

Primarily on most servers Thieving is the way to go for gaining quick cash. On Dreamscape it falls under the same category. In fact, many new players disregard thieving as a money making method. Most go straight for the pvming/gambling side of earnings.

By thieving at level 99 for approximately 1hour, a player can earn up to 3T!

Clue scrolls can give you loot with a variety of good items

With the new Arcade mini game out players can farm the mini game and buy dynamic boxes to sell for 200t

The Soul room is underestimated and unused by most beginners. Not only is the area used for exchanging key rewards, but you can sell many items between 1-500B to a soulchest, making you even more money for the items that can't be sold to players.

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