This section is an archive that contains the history of Dreamscape's items. Ranging from discontinuation to event only items, rewards, armours etc.

Some sections are limited to the quantity that are ingame. Those are usually found under 'Very Rare'.

Armour Name
Torva Full Helm24K Torva HelmFlame Torva Helm All custom melee Torva sets
Emperor PlatebodyMalevolent PlatebodyDragonbone Platebody All other custom Melee Gear sets

Pet Name
Chaos Elemental PetPikachu Pets

Seasonal Ultra Rare Name
Grim Reaper Hood Halloween
Christmas Cracker Christmas
Bunny ears Easter
Heart Crystal Valentine

Unobtainable Ultra Rares Name
Anonymous Mask Unobtainable Masks/Hats
Black Flowers Flowers

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