Combat Level 999
Hitpoints 15000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive No
Attack Style Magic
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 7
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Melee
Always Drops Nothing
Examine It's a Wizard Grayzag.
Magegray is one of the most difficult solo bosses of DreamScape and drops one of the best magic weapons. This boss has a lot of hit points, along with very common prayer drains, as well as a powerful special attack.
To defeat Magegray, the use of a Fast-Hitting weapon is recommended along with many prayers, or restore potions. Prayer potions are needed because your prayer will be drained constantly, and you will need soul split to survive. It is recommended to drink sips of the prayer potions once you have a very low prayer and when the wizard is still yet about to prepare his new hit. It is recommended to use American Torva or a High tear Armour set + when fighting magegray and a build can be found in the image below.
Since Magegray is a boss, it is included in the Soul System, converting all common and uncommon drops into souls. Magegray, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments 
Possible Loots
Item Quantity Rarity
Infinity Key Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Wolverine Torva Helm Wolverine Torva Helm 1 Rare
Wolverine Torva Body Wolverine Torva Body 1 Rare
Wolverine Torva Legs Wolverine Torva Legs 1 Rare
Soulflare Soulflare 1 Very Rare
Magegray Totem Magegray Totem 1 Very Rare
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