Luigi is one of the Custom NPC's found at ::Train. Luigi has a combat level of 255 and you will always receive money in your inventory after killing him.
This monster isn't hard to kill, everyone can kill him with every single armour or weapon. He is one of the many monsters new players start out at!
Combat Level 255
Hitpoints 244
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive No
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 4
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Mage, Range, Melee
Always Drops None
Examine It's Luigi.
Luigi does NOT drop souls that can be crafted into soul keys, therefore it still maintains the common and uncommon drops. Luigi, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments 
Possible Loots


Item Quantity Rarity
White Wings White Wings 1 Common
Dragon Dagger Dragon Dagger 1 Common
Elemental Whip Elemental Whip 1 Common
Berserker Helm Berserker Helm 1 Common
Rune Sq Shield Rune Sq Shield 1 Common
Dragon Scimitar Dragon Scimitar 1 Common
Helm of Neitiznot Helm of Neitiznot 1 Common
Dragon Mace Dragon Mace 1 Common
Rune Platebody Rune Platebody 1 Common
Lava Whip Lava Whip 1 Common
Anti Dragon Fire Shield Anti Dragon Fire Shield 1 Common
Granite Maul Granite Maul 1 Common
Rune Full Helm Rune Full Helm 1 Common
Steel Sq Shield Steel Sq Shield 1 Common
Lime Deathcape Lime Deathcape 1 Rare
Dragon Longsword Dragon Longsword 1 Uncommon
Dragon Battleaxe Dragon Battleaxe 1 Uncommon
Radiation Whip Radiation Whip 1 Uncommon
Infinity Key Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Wolf Staff Wolf Staff 1 Rare
Cat Staff Cat Staff 1 Rare
Dragon Staff Dragon Staff 1 Rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Blue Charm Blue Charm 1 Common
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm 1 Common
Gold Charm Gold Charm 1 Common
Green Charm Green Charm 1 Common
Custom NPC's
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