Link Set
The Link Set is a very powerful melee set. Its pieces the Link hat, Link tunic and Link leggings are obtained from the Arcade for 50,000 reward tokens each, costing a total of 150,000 reward tokens for the set. It has incredible bonuses across the board, with great buffs to melee attack and strength, prayer, and awesome defensive bonuses.

The Link Set gives its wearer a 50% Double Drop Rate Bonus. This means that half of all your rare drops will be doubled while you wear the Link Set!

At the moment, the price of Link Set is roughly: 120-180M+ DScoins

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Barrows Guthan's Set
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +450 +999
Slash +450 +999
Crush +450 +999
Magic +0 +1398
Range +0 +198
Special bonuses
Melee +528
Ranged +0
Magic +0
Prayer +399
Link Set
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