King Kong v Godzilla

                             Dreamscape's newest Raid is here!

The new raid called King Kong Vs Godzilla is an exciting raid with unique features!

How can I get to the new raid?

You can teleport to the King Kong vs Godzilla page by clicking on the board icon next to the friendlist.

Raid tele 2

After that click on Raids and on the bottom you can find the new King Kong vs Godzilla raids.

When you got teleported into the raid DON'T attack the bosses yet!


First thing you have to do is avoiding the falling rocks (picture below).

King Kong v Godzilla Ouch

How can i avoid those falling rocks?

You can avoid the falling rocks by running to the yellow circles around the place.

King Kong v Godzilla safespot

For extra protection against the falling rocks you can hot wire the cars, it gives 50% less damage taken against the falling rocks!

King Kong v Godzilla car

When you're low on food or brews you can pick pocket NPCs for supplies.

King Kong v Godzilla pickpocket

Once King Kong or Godzilla is killed a message will pop up in your message box.

King Kong v Godzilla 3

When one of the raid bosses is killed it's your time to finish the last boss for the juicy loot! After you killed the raid boss another message will pop up in your message box that says that you need to run to the chopper for your reward.

King Kong v Godzilla 4

When the raid is over you will receive a box that may contain one of these items!


Image Item Name Quantity Rarity
1B Check
1Bill Check 1-3,000 Always
Blood Party hat
Blood phat 1 Very Rare
Chaos Elemental Jr (pet)
Chaos Elemental Jr 1 Very Rare
Crystal Helm Equiped
Crystal Full Helm 1 Very Rare
Crystal Platebody Equiped
Crystal Platebody 1 Very Rare
Crystal Platelegs Equiped
Crystal Platelegs 1 Very Rare
Devious Helmet Equiped
Devious helm 1 Very Rare
Devious Platebody Equiped
Devious Platebody 1 Very Rare
Devious Legs Equiped
Devious Platelegs 1 Very Rare
DS cape
DS Cape 1 Very Rare
Elemental Helm
Elemental Helm 1 Very Rare
Elemental Platebody
Elemental Platebody 1 Very Rare
Elemental Platelegs
Elemental Platelegs 1 Very Rare
Elemental Boots
Elemental Boots 1 Very Rare
Electronic Katana
Eletronic katana 1 Very Rare
Olaf´s Helm Equiped
Olaf's full helm 1 Very Rare
Olaf´s Platebody Equipped
Olaf's platebody 1 Very Rare
Olaf´s Platelegs Equiped
Olaf's platelegs 1 Very Rare
Olaf´s Cape Equipped
Olaf's cape 1 Very Rare
Olaf´s Scythe Equiped
Olaf Death Scythe 1 Very Rare
Shadow Helm - 1
Shadow helm 1 Very Rare
Shadow Platebody - 1
Shadow platebody 1 Very Rare
Shadow Platelegs Equipped
Shadow platelegs 1 Very Rare
Soulflare 1 Very Rare
Super Donator Ticket
super donator ticket 1 Very Rare
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