Khione Staff
 The Khione's Staff is one of the most powerful magic weapons in DreamScape, second only to the Eternal Khione's staff.

This item is able to deal a ton of damage to multiple monsters at once (AoE). Orbs of Energy are used to charge the Khione's staff. Orbs of Energy can be obtained by killing the boss Raiden.

When charged, the Khione's Staff will have a 1:10 chance of dealing twice your max hit in damage to your main target.

Using a Charged Crystal on the Khione's Staff will turn the staff into an Eternal Khione's staff; this gives the staff an unlimited supply of charges and you will no longer have to supply Orbs of Energy.

The Khione's Staff is obtained from the DreamScape Web Store for $250, and the Charged Crystal is obtained from the web store for $75.

At the moment, the price of Khione`s Staff is roughly: 20M-25M DScoins edit

Currently, it not dropped by any bosses.

Currently, this item can be obtained from the following boxes:

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Magic Weapon slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +60 0
Slash +60 0
Crush +60 0
Magic +1040 +135
Range +60 0
Special bonuses
Melee 0
Ranged +500
Magic +100.0%
Prayer +210
Khione Staff
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