Karmic Tasks

Karmic Tasks are a method of training the new Karma Skill. They are very similar to slayer, but can include skilling or buying items from shops.

Task Master
The tasks are assigned by the taskmaster pertaining to the player's guild. The tasks are the same for both guild. Each task consists of five jobs the player must complete before returning to the taskmaster.

The 5 jobs are chosen at random from the following list (click expand to see the list):

Kill 25 Magegrays

Kill 50 Shadow Kings

Kill 50 Sea Troll Queens

Kill 50 Tormented Demons

Chop 100 Magic Trees

Chop 150 Yew trees

Eat 100 Sharks

Craft 100 Air runes

Craft 100 Mind runes

Craft 100 Earth runes

Craft 100 Water runes

Cut 100 Normal logs

Cut 100 Oak logs

Kill 100 Pikachus

Kill 25 Chaos Elementals

Mine 75 Tin Ores

Mine 75 Copper Ores

Catch 75 Dragon Implings

Smith 50 Bronze Bars

Cut 150 Dragonstones

Pick 250 Flax

Cook 100 Sharks

Catch 150 Monkfish

Cook 200 Monkfish

Kill 100 Dragonbones

Kill 150 Thugbobs

Kill 125 Luigi's

Kill 50 Icy Skeletons

Kill 50 Phoenix

Kill 75 Bork

Open 125 Mystery Boxes

Use 200 Crystal Keys on Chest

Bury 300 Penguin Bones

Bury 200 Frost Bones

Bury 100 Icy Bones

Bury 50 Phoenix Bones

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