Karma Statue

Karma Statue Image
The Karma Statue is a way of sacrificing items, mainly combat gear, in exchange for Karma experience and Karmic Kismets. It is by far the fastest method currently in game for training the Karma Skill, but it is also wildly expensive.

It can be found on the Southern Platform in the player's respective Karma Guild.

The items which can be sacrificed, as well as their experience and Kismet values are as follows (click "Show" to see the list):

Karma Offerings
Item EXP Gained Karmic Kismets received
Golden Minigun ± 20k 10k
Eternal Khione's Staff ± 50k 25k
Icy Glaive ± 500k 50k
Oblivion Scythe ± 25k 5k
Soulflare ± 2k 500
Soulflare (u) ± 10k 1k
Minigun ± 10k 3k
Devious Pieces ± 100k 10k
Lava Minigun ± 1000k 100k
Helicopter Pet ± 500k 50k
Crystal Pieces ± 100k 10k
Collector's Necklace ± 5k 1k
Beserkers/Seers/Archers Boots ± 50k 5k
Electronic Katana ± 25k 5k
Unltimate Dream Katana ± 25k 5k
Beserker/Seers/Anguish Gloves ± 25k 5k
Dream Range Pieces ± 100k 25k
Dream Mage Pieces ± 100k 25k
Dream Melee Pieces ± 100k 25k
Yix/Tam/Nax Amulets ± 30k 3k
Infernal Pieces ± 20k 2k
Olaf Pieces ± 20k 2k
Am'orth Pieces ± 20k 2k
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