Karma is a unique skill you can find specifically on Dreamscape!

To get started training this skill you must complete the Karma quest, the guide for this is found at Karma Quest

The most important mechanic, and the one we will take a look at first, is the ability to train the Karma skill in two different directions. If you decide to take the side of Evil, you train the Karma skill in the negative direction, with a max level of -150. If you decide to take the side of Goodl, you train the skill in the positive direction, with a max level of +150. Every training method can be undertaken from either point of view, giving the same experience but in opposing directions.

This guide will take you through all current training methods and offer tips about when and how to use each method.


Level 1-5 (Free): The Dog

The very first training method for karma leaves no grey area between Good and Evil.
  • On the side of Goodl, you will be petting a dog for +10 exp per belly rub.
  • On the side of Evil, you will be kicking a dog for -10 exp per pooch punt.

(If you wish to save a few bucks, this will get you on to the next training method nice and quick.)

Level 1-5 (Costly): The Wells

Also available from level 1 are the Well of Good Will and the Well of Bad Will.

  • Adding cash into these wells gives experience at a rate of 1 exp per 1000 DSCoins. The Well of Good Will is the same one which already exists in game, while the Well of Bad Will is a new well, whose offerings directly counter offerings to the Well of Good Will, at half the rate. This means that the positive server-wide effects caused by the Well of Good Will require twice as much cash to be added into the Well of Bad Will to be negated completely.
  • Getting level 5 from the well costs roughly 400k DSCoins. If the player wishes, they may use the well to skip as far through the levels as they are willing to pay for. Level 50 would cost 100M DSCoins, and level 99 would cost a staggering 13 billion DSCoins.

Level 5-20/40/50/60: Karmic Stalls

At level 5 you gain access to the Stalls of Giving and Stalls of Taking. These operate similarly to thieving stalls but instead of giving cash, these are the first methods to give the Karmic Kismets. The Karmic Kismets will be used in the Karma Reward Shop coming in the second release of Karma related content.

There are four tiers of Karmic Stalls at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. Their experience and Kismet outputs are as follows:

  • Level 5: 25 exp & 1 Karmic Kismets
  • Level 10: 50 exp & 2 Karmic Kismets
  • Level 15: 75 exp & 3 Karmic Kismets
  • Level 20: 100 exp & 5 Karmic Kismets

In the Guild of Goodl you will be "Giving Offerings" to the Stalls of Giving and in the Guild of Evil you will be "Taking Offerings" from the Stalls of Taking.

If you stop at level 40 to use Altar Offerings, you will be paying about 30M DSCoins to go from level 40-50, or over 100M DSCoins to go from level 40-60. If you stop at 50 to train at the Tree of Life, you will gain a lot more Kismets going from level 50-60 than you would at the stalls, but it will take you longer to pass through those levels.

Level 20-40/50/60: Karmic Altars

At level 20 you unlock the Altar of Heavenly Grace and the Satanic Altar. These altars are completely AFK and give + 1 experience per second (3.6k exp per hour). They are slow but obviously are really low intensity and are a Goodl option whenever you need to leave your computer for a while!

The same stopping points apply as with the Karmic Stalls.

Level 40-50/60/70/80: Karmic Altar Offerings

At level 40, you gain the ability to leave offerings on the altars. A shop next to the altars sells Holy Oils and Satanic Summons. These offerings cost 500k DSCoins each and give the player + 1k exp & 1k Karmic Kismets when used on the altar. This makes altar offerings half the cost per experience points of offering to the wells.

This provides very quick but still very expensive experience. Going to level 50 with this method costs about 30M DSCoins, level 60 costs about 110M DSCoins, level 70 about 350M DSCoins and level 80 about 1B DSCoins. These costs are huge, so it's recommended the player move on from altar offerings sooner rather than later.

Level 60-70: Karmic Slayer

At level 60 you gain access to the Goodl or Evil Slayer Master, depending on your faction. These masters assign high level slayer tasks which give + 1750 exp & 2500 Karmic Kismets upon completion.

You can find the list of slayer tasks: Karmic Slayer

At level 85, these masters can be paid 100k DSCoins to force an Abyssal Sire task.


Level 70-80/90/99/120/150: Karmic Deeds

At level 70 you may begin completing Goodl or Bad Deeds for your guild. These deeds consist of three smaller tasks:

Karmic Deeds
Kill 25 Magegray
Kill 25 Chaos elemental
Kill 50 Shadow King
Kill 50 Icy Skeleton
Kill 50 Sea Troll Queen
Kill 50 Tormented Demon
Kill 50 Phoenix
Kill 75 Bork
Kill 100 Pikachu
Kill 100 Dragonbone Protector
Kill 150 Thugbob
Kill 125 Luigi
Open 125 Mystery box
Use 200 Crystal key
Bury 50 Phoenix Bones
Bury 100 Icy Bones
Bury 200 Frost Dragon Bones
Bury 300 Penguin Bones
Cut 100 Normal Logs
Cut 100 Oak Logs
Chop 150 Yew Trees
Catch 150 Monkfish
Cook 100 Sharks
Cook 200 Monkfish
Eat 100 Sharks
Craft 100 Air Runes
Craft 100 Mind Runes
Craft 100 Earth Runes
Craft 100 Water Runes
Catch 75 Dragon Implings
Mine 75 Tin Ores
Mine 75 Copper Ores
Smith 50 Bronze Bars
Pick 250 Flax
Cut 150 Dragonstones

Once you complete each task you will gain 33% of the reward. Each full deed rewards the player with + 2500 exp & 2500 Karmic Kismets upon completion.

Level 80-90/99/120/150: Karmic Offerings

Karmic Offerings are among the quickest training available for the Karma Skill. They involve sacrificing certain high-value and rare items in exchange for Karma experience and Karmic Kismets. The items you can sacrifice and the rewards given can be found at: Karma Statue

Make sure to always calculate the experience rates relative to the cost of the items; it could either be cheaper or more expensive than altar/well offerings at any given time.

Level 90-99/120/150: Mad King Raid

The Mad King is a new raid released specifically with the Karma Skill!

It is a 4-stage raid, which once completed rewards the player with 5k Karma exp & 1k Karmic Kismets. It also has the same loot table as the Ninja Turtles Raid. This is quite slow as a training method but is obviously completely free and very rewarding if you can get consistently good at the raid.

That concludes all the methods currently available in game! Keep your eyes peeled for batch 2 of the Karma Skill, which promises even more content and the release of the Karma Reward Shop!
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