Karma Quest

In order to teach you a little more about Karma Skill as well as delving into Dreamscape Lore!

We introduce Dreamscape's First in what we hope to be a series of quests dealing with the curious and intruding world of Am'orth!

To start this quest you will need to obtain a Xebos Invitation (random drop while pvm'ing / buying it from another player)

Once you teleport to Xebos you will begin to talk with the boss. At the end of the dialogue you will be given a choice. Will you fight Xebos and attempt to gain control? (EVIL) or will you befriend Xebos and attempt to make peace? (GOOD)

This choice will define your faction and set your path for training the new Karma Skill!


For those who have chosen to be good, they will train up Karma like any other skill (to lvl 150 cap)

For those who have chosen to be evil, they will train their Karma level down (to lvl -150 cap)

Xebos is in his final form and will prove to be a tough opponent, spawning Guardians of Am'orth to try to take you down!

Note: Xebos and all of the Guardian of Am'orth have 450k hp so be prepared for a battle!

Note: It is HIGHLY advised to bring an AOE range weapon (Ak-47 Asiimov) as there the minion's use Protect from Magic

After defeating Xebos and the Guardian of Am'orth's, You will then be given information about gaining access to Am'orth and will be able to find your way to your respective guild!

Karma Book Information

The 4 kings are located within their respective castles, upon killing them you will receive their head. Then, combine all 4 head to make your respective staff.

Upon completing the quest you will be given either the Staff of Evil or the Staff of Good! This item (rather like the Ring of Kinship for Dungeoneering) is used to help train the skill and teleport to each respective guild!

Karma Staff Stats

You will notice the staff will change as you level up! The higher your karma level, the more charge the staff gains!

Karma Staff Lvl 1                                                                                                    Karma Staff Lvl ± 150
Karma Staff Lvl1
Karma Staff Lvl150
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