Karma Guilds

Karma Guilds are a part of the new custom skill, Karma. They were designed to centralize all of the skill's training methods, aiding the player in their training. Inside, you will find all the tools, NPCs, and facilities needed to train the Karma Skill. Entry into the guild requires completion of the Karma Quest, and can be achieved by using the respective Karma Staff for your guild.

The guilds are laid out like a cross, with a central platform and four different smaller platforms to the north, south, east, and west.

The central platform contains the Karmic Altar, the dog, the Karma Guide, the Karmic Task Master, and the Karma Monk, which sells Altar Offerings.

The Northern Platform contains the karmic stalls, the Western Platform holds the Karma Tree, the Southern Platform holds the Karma Statue, and the Eastern Platform contains each guild's respective wells.

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