One thing you need to keep in mind is that when you start an Ironman, you CAN NOT remove your title as an Ironman. This means that you won't be able to trade even if you ask or donate.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here is the list of items you will receive upon picking Iron man.
Ironman selection
  1. 10 DS Coins
  2. Ironman weapon, armor, and Hiker Backpack
  3. 100 Mantas
  4. 1000 Water, Fire, Eath, Mind, and Air runes
  5. 3 Mystery Boxes
  6. 20 Crystal Keys
  7. Beginner Guide Book

Ironman gear stats

Wearing the set provided when starting off as an Iron man is the best you can do until you acquire better gear which will be explained below. 

Even though you are an Ironman, you can still use the shops located at ::home so you are able to train magic and range and other skills. Keep note of every shop and how it may benefit you as some of them can be very helpful like the Wilderness Shop which can provide you Collector's Necklace, Boxing Gloves, Ring of Wealth (i)'s, donator tickets, and much more.

Ironman instances

Additionally, since you are an Ironman. You will have access to something called instances. Instances are located North of home, once you pass through the arch take an immediate right and it looks like a giant purple portal. You can't miss it. Instances allow you as an ironman to kill bosses by yourself however it will cost you a few DS Coins. The cost ranges from 0-10 DS Coins.

Now that you have got the basics of ironman down, the next part is actually getting gear and starting off.

Everyone has their own way of starting off as an Ironman, however, I will talk about the main way that people start off, Including me. The first step is to go to ::mbox and kill the Penguins.


The Penguins have a 1 in 15 chance to drop a mystery box which can give you many goodies to help you on your path to become the best ironman that Dreamscape has ever seen. There are many useful items you can get from Penguins, But you are primarily focusing on only 3-4. Collect all your bones and use them on the altar South-West of home to strive for Soul Split as that is pretty much a must-have on this server. Aside from bones, you want to collect every Mystery Box , Crystal Key , and if a Penguin Staff (U) drops, definitely pick that up! 

Your goal from Penguins is as follows:

Get a Dragonbone Melee Set (U)  or Flame Torva set along with a Royal Sicle or Royal Sicle (u) and a Drygore Offhand or Drygore Offhand (u) for a melee set up.

Get a Dragonbone Mage set with a Penguin Staff (U) for a mage set up.

Get a Flame Pernix set and Assault Rifle for a range set up.

Acquire a Double XP Ring to help you boost your experience as Iron men do have a lower exp rate than playing normal or even hardcore.

Once you acquire the set or sets of your choosing and the ability to use Soul Split, you can start killing every Steroid Penguin Tank you can see to get extra drops like Silver Space Sword , Spacejam Sword (u), Penguin Staff Upgrade Scroll, and many other good drops to help get you even further along to killing the countless bosses that Dreamscape has to offer!

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