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Possible Rare Items
Item Quantity Rarity
Gold chain Gold chain 1 Common
Torva Set Torva Set 1 Common
Pernix Pernix 1 Common
Blue Torva Blue Torva 1 Common
White Glass Wings White Glass Wings 1 Common
Chest Key Chest Key 1 Common
Dragonbone Mage Gloves Dragonbone Mage Gloves 1 Common
Dragonbone Melee Gloves Dragonbone Melee Gloves 1 Common
Rainbow Plate Rainbow Plate 1 Common
Rainbow Kiteshield Rainbow Kiteshield 1 Common
Hylian Sheild Hylian Sheild 1 Common
Ice Gloves Ice Gloves 1 Common
Royal Sicle Royal Sicle 1 Common
Royal Sicle (u) Royal Sicle (u) 1 Common
Flame Pernix Flame Pernix 1 Common
Flame Torva Flame Torva 1 Common
Primal Torva Primal Torva 1 Common
Ak-47 Ak-47 1 Common
Blue demonic wings Blue demonic wings 1 Common
Ice katana Ice katana 1 Common
Ice Offhand Ice Offhand 1 Common
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 1 Rare
Super Mystery Box Super Mystery Box 1 Rare
Pet Mystery Box Pet Mystery Box 1 Rare
Flame Gloves Flame Gloves 1 Rare
Dynamic Mystery Box Dynamic Mystery Box 1 Rare
Dream Wing Boots Dream Wing Boots 1 Rare
American Pernix American Pernix 1 Rare
American Torva American Torva 1 Rare
Fallen Death Cape Fallen Death Cape 1 Rare
Super Donator Ticket Super Donator Ticket 1 Ultimate
Blue Deathcape Blue Deathcape 1 Ultimate
Dream Mystery Box Dream Mystery Box 1 Ultimate
Sword Part 1 Sword Part 1 1 Ultimate
Sword Part 2 Sword Part 2 1 Ultimate
Crossbow Part 1 Crossbow Part 1 1 Ultimate
Crossbow Part 2 Crossbow Part 2 1 Ultimate
Staff Part 1 Staff Part 1 1 Ultimate
Staff Part 2 Staff Part 2 1 Ultimate
Inga Set(3) Inga_Set(3) 1 Ultimate
Luigi's Head Luigi's Head 1 Dream
Mario's Head Mario's Head 1 Dream
Artichoke Whip Artichoke Whip 1 Dream
Crate With Zanik Crate With Zanik 1 Dream
Darth Vader Lightsaber Darth Vader Lightsaber 1 Dream
Darth Maul Lightsaber Darth Maul Lightsaber 1 Dream
Mace Windu Lightsaber Mace Windu Lightsaber 1 Dream
Blue boxing gloves Blue boxing gloves 1 Dream
File:Red boxing gloves.png Red boxing gloves 1 Dream
American boxing gloves American boxing gloves 1 Dream
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