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This guide will help you get to know the typical prices when it comes to buying/selling donations, as well as guiding you through the process itself.

Donation Sale Rules and Process!

Buying Donations from other players is STRICTLY for in-game currency. Any players attempting to buy or sell donations for any non-accepted method will be permanently banned for Real World Trading (RWT).

  You must always use a staff member as a middleman for donation purchases.

  1. Before contacting a staff member for a middleman, confirm with both the buyer and the seller the:
    1. Total donation value (how much the seller will be donating for).
    2. Payment for the Donation.
  2. Contact any helper + to receive a middleman. If they aren't busy, they will ask for the second player's name, and teleport both to a private location.
  3. The player buying the donation should now trade the payment over to the staff member. Only after the staff member confirms that they are holding the payment should the seller donate to the server.
  4. For the Seller:
    1. After payment has been confirmed, proceed to the donation store via ::store or ::donate.
    2. Select the items which the buyer has requested.
    3. In the box for in-game name, enter the Buyer's username, not your own.
    4. Purchase the donation and confirm in-game.
  5. Once the seller has confirmed the purchase through their paypal, the buyer needs to type ::donated to confirm the sale.
  6. After the sale is confirmed, the staff member trades payment to the seller!

Donation Pricing

Donation Prices$30 (usd) donations are capped at a MAXIMUM of 300m cash in-game, which is 10m per $1. All higher valued donations tend to inflate above that rate due to higher value, but remain uncapped.


Remember! Donation prices above $30 tend to be higher during lucrative deals! Don't expect to get the same rate on a $50 as you did previously!

Never hesitate to pm a staff member in-game if you have further questions regarding the buying and selling of donations!

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