Immortal stone fragments

The Immortal stone event is launched! 

Immortal Stone Fragment
What is this Event about?

DreamScape has been up for 2 years now, that's amazing! We want to celebrate this by having a huge event.

In this event, you will be having a chance on the prize of a thousand dollars USD. YES !!! 1000 $ USD

How does the event work? You will have to obtain 1000 Immortal Stone Fragments. After obtaining these, you will have to try to convert it into the Immortal stone. You can do this by interacting with the Immortal stone altar at ::home! Once clicked on this altar, it will give you an option to attempt the merge.  Be notified, this merging progress will have a chance to fail, or to succeed. the First player to obtain the Immortal stone, will win the 1000$!

Immortal Stone Merge
However, may the attempt'll still receive the Immortal Scimitar!
Immortal Scimitar-0
Immortal Scimitar
Where can you Obtain Fragments?
You can obtain Immortal Stone Fragments by PvM'ing & Skilling. The rarity of a fragment drop/reward will be based on the difficulty of the skill/boss.  So for those who think players with an owner cape will obtain it faster.... that's not totally true. Why ?

Because you will be able to obtain these fragments by Skilling too! As said above, the rarity depends on the type of Skilling/PvM'ing.

I wish you all good luck and may the best grinder win!

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