Icy Boots
Icy Boots are a somewhat powerful mid-tier pair of melee boots. They have reasonable stats but, due to the fact that their stats are identical to the much more common and much less expensive Dream Wing Boots, they aren't very popular in combat. They are however quite popular for fashion, due to their looks.

Currently, it is dropped only by the following boss:

It can be obtained from the following box:

At the moment, the price of Icy Boots is roughly: 5k-10k DScoins

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Attack Boots slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab 30 170
Slash 30 170
Crush 0 170
Magic 0 0
Range 0 165
Special bonuses
Melee 40
Ranged +0
Magic +0
Prayer 100
Icy Boots Equiped
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