Help/Support Info
There are many areas around Dreamscape where you request for Support. Whether that is directly Ingame, or if it is through our Support SystemWe also have an additional page for public support. On this page, you will find all of the areas that we do the best to assist you from.
Ingame Support Ticket
Are you in the need of contact with a Staff member? We offer a direct contact, where you can send in your own report, which will be seen across Dreamscape for all online Staff members. Whether that is corresponding with a question, a report, and or other. You can have contact with us by sending in a ::ticket.
Ingame Help Chat

We have provided our users with a Help Clan Chat focused purely on assisting users. Here, you can ask anything you need help with, such as:

  • Asking for prices.
  • Requesting help from players and or staff.
  • Requesting advice.
  • Asking for locations.
  • Anything else pertraying help.The rules we're enforcing in the Help Clan Chat are:
  • NO Buying/Selling of any kind.
  • NO Asking/Begging for items.
  • NO Use of profanity, arguing, or complaining/other general player rules.
  • NO Use of advertising in help clan chat.
Help Clan Chat Ranks



Additional Help
Additional help can be found through the forums. We have a public Community Support area for users to find additional help/support.
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