At the moment there are 3 game modes in dreamscape. normal, hardcore and Ironman below you will see the pros and cons of each game mode the benefits of picking one and the disadvantages.

Normal Mode

Normal, in this mode, you get no perks. however, in normal mode, you do get 100x exp, which means you will get the faster 99s compared to the other 2 game modes we have in dreamscape.    

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore, in this mode, you get a few perks, for damage you get 10% more damage compared to normal, you also get 10% accuracy which means you will hit more often. 15% drop rate this one is self-explanatory more drop rate means more loot. Also in this game mode, you will get 10x exp rather than 100x so if in normal you get 150,000 slayer exp for killing a monster in hardcore you will 15,000. Players using the hardcore mode will also receive 8 prestige rather than 5 when you prestige skills.  

Ironman Mode

For our next game mode its none other than Ironman. For those of you who didn't play Runescape, the Ironman game mode means you are on your own everything you want you will have to get on your own, you can't trade, can't stake, and can't gamble you will also receive 10x exp same as hardcore. However, for giving up those things you will receive 25% droprate, 15% damage, and accuracy.