To access the Extreme zone ingame, use the command ::ez or click the donator icon in your equipment tab.

Donator Rank Cost Cost Alternative 1
Extreme Donator
Extreme Donator Extreme Ticket ($60) Trading ingame currency to obtain ticket.
Extreme Benefit: Luck Boost Extreme Benefit: Damage Boost Extreme Benefit: Extreme Amulet Extreme Benefit: Can make Crystal Keys (+) Extreme Benefit: Daily Reward (Extreme Chief)
5% 10% Tribrid
Exteme Amulet
Combine 1,000 Crystal Keys to make a Crystal Key (+) Random Reward (DS coins, Super Mbox etc.)

Bosses (Best to Worst) Points Per Kill
Sea Troll Queen
Sea Troll Queen 8
Gio's Hoe
Gio's Hoe 10
Groudon 10
Icy skeleton
Icy Skeleton 10
Phoenix familiar
Phoenix 10
Chaos Elemental
Chaos elemental 12
Olaf 150
Olaf 12
Shadow King-0
Shadow King 12
The Necromancer
Necromancer 12

Velrak the explorer
Velkrak the explorer has 4 options for obtaining clue scrolls. Each penguin has an adaptation to a new and better reward.

Extreme Chief
By speaking with the Extreme Chief, you can access a variety of exclusive items that are available for purchase with Extreme points.

Skilling Points
Woodcutting 1 per log
Firemaking 1 per fire

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