The ELO System is a new way of rewarding loyal DreamScape players.

Instead of the typical item or cash loyalty rewards, the ELO system rewards players by giving them a small stat multiplier, which increases with each 24 hour period that the player logs in and kills 100 NPCs.

Pictured is the ELO interface, accessed by the ::elo command:

ELO Interface

The system doesn't work off a universal timer, but rather the 24 hour timer restarts as soon as the player completes their 100 NPC kills. In the interface, it begins at 100/100 and counts down. Once it says 0/100, the player has completed their kills for the day.

For every consecutive 24 hour period in which the player completed their 100 kills, they gain a 1% stat multiplier. In the interface pictured, the player has completed their kills over 45 consecutive 24 hour periods, meaning their stats are increased by almost 50%!

The ELO will max out at 100% with a max stat multiplier of 1.1x giving a possible 10% bonus to your stats.

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