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Dreamscape Lottery
The idea behind this is very similar to Bingo, every player is allowed to enter the lottery once per draw by paying the Entry cost. Every 2 hours the System will draw the lottery as long as there are more than 50 entries. Meaning that if there are not enough entries, (less than 50) 30 minutes will be added to the lottery drawing time. If there's enough entries, the lottery will draw while attempting to find a winner in the following prefix:

How do I access the lottery??
You can access the lottery on 2 ways, one would be by walking to the Lottery Manager himself in the bank at ::home. The other way would be by typing the command ::lottery and choosing the correct lottery, as it's shown in the examples below.
Lottery 1
File:Lottery 2.gif

How Does The Lottery Work?
  • 'System creates a random winning number from 1-100 (For this example, 75 is the random number the system chosen)'

The system starts with 5 rolls, then for every 10 entries it goes down by 1 [It rounds the entries to the smallest (like 78 will be rounded to 70)] Example; There are 82 entries, the system will roll for 2 times only. For whoever wonders this is the calculating method: ((100 / 10) - (TOTAL_ENTRIES / 10)) <- In our example "TOTAL_ENTRIES" is 82.

  • 'What does times to roll mean?'

'The system holds a list of all entries, once the drawing happens the system loop through the list comparing the number generated (75) to the entry numbers in the list, there might be no math found in the first loop thus there are couple of rolls which the system set
(as I explained above).'

  • 'The system loop through all the entries, if there's a match found in the first loop it will be Jackpot, or else a regular prize.'
  • ''''If there is no match in the first loop, the System will continue looping for the times of rolls settled before''''
  • ''''If there is no match found in all the loops (Which would barely happen) there is no winner and the system will just create a''''

''''new round.''''


Prize Calculation
Prize calculation:

 Regular Prize: Total Entries * Entry cost, and then 10% off Example: (70 * 5,000,000) / 10 = 35,000,000 (Because 10% off 350,000,000 is 35,000,000, we simply take 35M out of 350M) Calculation method: (Total Entries * Entry Cost) / 10

In this case, There's the same calculating as the regular prize but we don't take 10% off, meanwhile the method changes to:

 Total Entries * Entry Cost; So say there is 70 entries and entry cost is 5,000,000. The prize will be 70 * 5,000,000=350,000,000 Calculation method: (Total Entries * Entry Cost)

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