Besides the Dreamscape Forum and Wiki, Dreamscape also uses social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Dreamscape also has its very own Discord server, with custom Emoji's and very active members!

This page is dedicated to introducing you to these community platforms.

DiscordDiscord banner
Discord is the most used platform in Dreamscape with dozens of active members each day. It has multiple channels, including a marketplace channel where you can buy or sell your items or donations!

Here is a example which channels you can expect:

Discord Channels

If you want to join the Discord server click on this link-->Discord

To join the General Channel read this forum post -->Verifacation.

Also if you want to reach one of our Dreamscape staff members, Discord will be a good way to communicate with them.

FacebookFacebook Icon
Facebook is another great way to interact with other players from Dreamscape. Our Facebook page mostly posts Dreamscape/Runescape related memes on it but also more info about the latest updates!

Here is the link for the Facebook page-->Facebook.

TwitterTwitter Icon
On Twitter we mostly post news about updates, but lately we don't realy post on it anymore so i suggest to use our Facebook Page.

If you are still interested in our Twitter page here is the link-->Twitter.

Dreamscape ForumDreamscape Icon
Our forums are our most used platform. Here you can participate in things like event, making suggestions about what should be changed or added in-game, guides, making applications for in-game and staff positions, and more!

The picture below is a example what you can expect.

Forum Example

Also the Forum will be the first place where you can find the info from the latest updates!

Here is the link for the Forum-->Forum.

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